April 1, 2008

FM2: What the hell is the Apex anyway?!

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Alright, so now when I’m getting more and more into the racing aspects of life I hear more and more racing-terms I don’t know about. One that’s pretty common is the apex. I’ve been doing some research about the matter and have learned quite a bit.

The Apex, in short, is the spot where your car is the closest to the inside edge of the turn. It’s not a fixed point in the turn, you choose your own spot to be your apex. Depending on what kind of racing-driver you are you might push the apex back och pull it closer to the start of the turn.

If the apex is pushed away from the geometrical center of the turn (later in the turn), it’s sometimes call a racing apex. This is considered the best and fastest line to follow while racing. You will get a more strait line in the end of the turn and you will be able to accelerate earlier, and get a higher exit speed.


When drifting, the front of the car should be pointed at the apex to enable a high degree drift. This will make the car take up as much of the road as possible to keep your opponents from overtaking you. This is something I have yet to learn, and as soon as I am a drifting pro, I will write an article on how to drift with ease.

March 19, 2008

FM2: Driving assist and difficulty

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As I’ve progressed in the game, the need to increase difficulty has appeared. When the races starts to get too easy to win, it’s time to make it a bit more difficult. So how do we make the game more difficult? By increasing the opponents difficulty? No! Don’t even think about it!

The answer is start turning off driving assists. This will make your drive a bit more difficult, and it will be harder to win races. The upside is that you will be a better driver! If you become an expert and win all the races against the hardest opponents with all the driving assists on, you will most probably loose control and never win a race ever again when you start turning off the assists. (more…)

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