January 31, 2008

FM2: Making fast money

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When competing in the career mode, you often need more money to buy cars and upgrades to be able to compete in new races. I’ve found a little trick to make a lot of money with little effort. I wouldn’t call it cheating, it’s more taking advantage of the rules…

You need to find a race that takes place on the Nissa Speedway and pays quite good, at least like 10.000 cr. When you have found that race you need to check your opponents cars, you need a car that has a higher top speed, the Nissan Speedway is all about top speed.

When you have run the race one or two times and feel comfortable with it, you change the difficulty. Turn off all help systems and change the AI to hard (if you’re not already using it) and all settings to simulation. This will grant you a nice bonus when finishing the race. If you have the fastest car you shouldn’t have any trouble winning the race, just be careful at the last turn, it’s easy to hit the outside wall.

When you finished this race 5-6 times you can surly afford a nice new car or U999′ing your current one.

Just to recap:

  • Select a Nissan Speedway race
  • Get the fastest car
  • Change all settings to most the difficult
  • Win the race
  • Cash cash cash!

FM2: Nissan Speedway

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