January 31, 2008

FM2: Breaking

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One of the most critical parts of driving is breaking. Beginners usually does the mistake of breaking and steering at the same time. When you start to increase the difficulty, turning of ABS, stability control etc., your car will be very unstable when breaking and turning at the same time. This is because you only have a certain amount of friction between the tires and road. If you break and turn the friction has to compensate both the deceleration and the turning force.

Instead of turning and breaking, you should break before entering a turn. In this way, 100% of the friction can be used for deceleration and the risk of spinning out will be quite smaller.

Remember that breaking has nothing to do with turning! Turning is something you do without breaking, and with mayby just some light acceleration.

  • Approaching turn
  • Apply breaks some distance before turn
  • Smoothly release the break and start turning
  • Close to the exit of the turn, smoothly apply throttle
  • When you exit you should be at full throttle!

Good luck with your turning, and drive safe!

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