March 19, 2008

FM2: Driving assist and difficulty

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As I’ve progressed in the game, the need to increase difficulty has appeared. When the races starts to get too easy to win, it’s time to make it a bit more difficult. So how do we make the game more difficult? By increasing the opponents difficulty? No! Don’t even think about it!

The answer is start turning off driving assists. This will make your drive a bit more difficult, and it will be harder to win races. The upside is that you will be a better driver! If you become an expert and win all the races against the hardest opponents with all the driving assists on, you will most probably loose control and never win a race ever again when you start turning off the assists. So here’s your priority list:

  1. Easiest opponents, all assists on
  2. Easiest opponents, ESP, TCS off, ABS on
  3. Easiest opponents, all assists off
  4. Normal opponents, all assists off
  5. Hardest opponents, all assists off

That’s how I’m doing it anyway. This makes you a better driver instead of just an assist-junkie :).

Here’s an explanation on how the assists works.
ABS. Anti lock breaks, keeps the breaks from looking up. This is the hardest assist to live without, every time you break you have to adapt the pressure, if the pressure is to high, the breaks look up, and you loose control of the car, it slides forward and you might miss the turn. The key is to imagine there’s an egg between your finger/foot and the button/pedal. Imagine that you will break the egg if press to hard, just slowly increase break pressure until you raced you desired speed. Remember that locked wheels means longer breaking distance and no control.

TCS. Traction control, keeps the wheels from spinning (well, they spin, obviously, but not loosing grip…) which gives you better acceleration and control. When you turn it off, you can loose control of the drive wheels when you accelerate from a standstill or after a turn. When the wheels loose grip the will spin and make to car to swirl and result in a slower acceleration. This will happen when your on the starting grid and gets a green light, and after you make a turn. The most dangerous situation is after a slow turn when you have a high power rear wheel drive car. If you press the throttle hard you will loose grip of the back wheels and the back end of the car slides out, making the car spin. The way to solve this is the same as with the ABS, imagine that egg again. Apply pressure slowly on acceleration.

ESP. Electronic stability control, controls the cars direction, keeps it from spinning and loosing control by breaking individual wheels. This is very common on modern cars and is very helpful for drivers. But since we are excellent drivers we want to be in full control and therefor turn it off. To control your car you pretty much do the same as when you turn off the TCS. You have to be able to stear against the slides, this will make for a cool looking race, drifting is the next thing you might want to learn. :)Now that you are in total control of your car, you can increase the difficulty of your opponents. Practice and you will have no problems defeating them.

Good luck!

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