May 18, 2008

GTA IV - update, 32% done

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Sorry ’bout the lack of updates the last couple of weeks. I’ve been to frekkin’ busy playing GTA IV! It’s truly awesome! So far, I’ve done about 32% of the game according to the ingame sats, just a third of the way to complete the game, but my guess is that I’m probably half way through the main mission part, all the small things that takes a lot of time has to be completed too after the main missions.


Here’s a list of thing you can do while playing the main missions to help you on your way to 100% :

  • Shoot pigeons, the red glowing ones. These are probably required for 100%
  • Go online, date… a lot! Different women can help you in different ways later on.
  • The paint shops aren’t as useful as in previous games, you can not be spotted on the way in to them!
  • Hot dogs are gooood.
  • Being drunk might be fun but annoying.
  • Try swiming with your date…

Hope this might help your hunt for the 100%! Write a comment if you got any more tips.

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