April 18, 2008

Rockstar Social Club

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Rockstar has just opened it’s “Social Club”, a community aimed at GTA IV-players. It will keep statistics about players progress (who has finished the game first, who has walked the longest distance), about the city (which area has the highest criminality etc).

This can be very nice, if Rockstar manages to keep the community at an appropriate level. There’s always a risk (as in all communities) that some people have a destructive behaviour and take things way to seriously. Let’s hope that Rockstar can pull this off, this really has the potential to be great!

Rockstar Social Club

See ya there!

April 7, 2008

GTA IV: First person to complete all missions

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Rob Taylor, deputy editor of Xbox World 360 magazine, is the first person in the world (outside of Rockstar-staff) that has completed all missions in Grand Theft Auto 4. He has been interviewed by Games Radar and gives his view on the game.

Believe me, GTA IV is even better than the hype suggests!

What can I say, I’m freaking envious!


Read the whole story at Games Radar.

April 5, 2008

GTA IV: “Everyone’s a rat”-trailer scrutinized

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The guys over at GameTrailers has done a pice on thingsĀ seen in the “Everyone’s a rat”-trailer. It’s a comprehensive look on things we might see in the finished game. Less then four weeks until the release.

Watch it after the ‘more’-link.


April 4, 2008

GTA IV: Hands-on

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Brian Crecente of Kotaku has had the changce to do a little test-play of Grand Theft Auto 4. He seems to really like the aiming and shooting parts of the game, saying they are more like an fps then earlier games in the series.

Moving down the roof, not so gracefully, I scramble to some cover and switch over to an assault rifle. The game plays fast, letting you pop off shots quickly and precisely. I take out a couple of people with the simple lock-on. Emptying bullets into the bad guys until they drop, and then I slow down and take my time with the loose lock-on, shifting my aim to focus on headshots.

Read it!


April 1, 2008

FM2: What the hell is the Apex anyway?!

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Alright, so now when I’m getting more and more into the racing aspects of life I hear more and more racing-terms I don’t know about. One that’s pretty common is the apex. I’ve been doing some research about the matter and have learned quite a bit.

The Apex, in short, is the spot where your car is the closest to the inside edge of the turn. It’s not a fixed point in the turn, you choose your own spot to be your apex. Depending on what kind of racing-driver you are you might push the apex back och pull it closer to the start of the turn.

If the apex is pushed away from the geometrical center of the turn (later in the turn), it’s sometimes call a racing apex. This is considered the best and fastest line to follow while racing. You will get a more strait line in the end of the turn and you will be able to accelerate earlier, and get a higher exit speed.


When drifting, the front of the car should be pointed at the apex to enable a high degree drift. This will make the car take up as much of the road as possible to keep your opponents from overtaking you. This is something I have yet to learn, and as soon as I am a drifting pro, I will write an article on how to drift with ease.

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