March 29, 2008

FM2: March car pack

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The March car pack has been available for some time now. I haven’t got them yet, because I’m too poor and lazy to get some ms points, but I really feel like it’s time to invest in some new rides…

There are a lot of interesting cars in the pack, the Audi S5 is one of the. Looks absolutely gorgeous and is a monster of a car. Looks like a normal Audi A5, but is packed with racing tech and power. Wouldn’t say no to one of those on my driveway!

Audi S5

And then there’s the Maserati GranTurismo, just as great looking as the british beasts Jaguar and Aston Martin, but with some hot temper Italian blood. A compact 405 hp V8 is located at the front of the car, behind the fron axle, resulting in 51/49% weight distribution, not perfect but as good as it gets in a front engine car.

Maserati GranTourismo

Here’s a complete list of the cars: (more…)

GTAIV: The last trailer…

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The last trailer befor the realeas of GTA IV is out. Looks like alot of cool car chases and more story then the previous videos. Let’s just hope the story works in real game play.

Check the video after the ’more’-link or go to Rockstars site.


March 27, 2008

GTA IV - Map leaked and Rockstar site updates

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First of all, the map that is to be included in the game has apperantly leaked. Chech it out at

The other big GTA-thing to happen today is that Rockstar has updated its GTA-site with alot of info about Liberty City! Lots of info to find at

About a month left until the release…

March 26, 2008

GTA IV - New Screenshots!

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Rockstar released alot of new screenshot today, it looks great! I cant wait to play the game.

Hope you’ve seen the multiplayer screens aswell, that could be fun! :)

March 20, 2008

Grid by Codemasters

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Codemasters are about to release their first ever racing game. It’s called ‘Grid’ and by the look of the video, it really seems promising. I think it’s a brilliant name by the way! It’s to be released in the middle of 2008 on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

Here’s the video:

March 19, 2008

FM2: Driving assist and difficulty

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As I’ve progressed in the game, the need to increase difficulty has appeared. When the races starts to get too easy to win, it’s time to make it a bit more difficult. So how do we make the game more difficult? By increasing the opponents difficulty? No! Don’t even think about it!

The answer is start turning off driving assists. This will make your drive a bit more difficult, and it will be harder to win races. The upside is that you will be a better driver! If you become an expert and win all the races against the hardest opponents with all the driving assists on, you will most probably loose control and never win a race ever again when you start turning off the assists. (more…)

March 18, 2008

GTA IV: the waiting…

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You’ve all seen the trailers and screenshots of Rockstars new game, Grand Theft Auto IV. The game that was first schedule to be released in October is soon here, April 29 is the date to put in your calender. Let’s just hope the wait isn’t in vain, the trailers do look good, but they can’t tell you anything about the atmosphere and feeling of the game.

The big question for me is: to pre-order or not to pre-order? With some bad luck the pre-ordered copy might be delayed, but if I try to buy it in a shop, they might be sold out…

What to do… What will you do?


Yey! New domain!

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Today is a big day in the life of the 360 player.
Today is the birth of this humble site.

I hope you’ll like it, the idea is that you as a reader can follow my progress as a 360 player. From my current status as a beginner to my future expert rating! I will write about the games I’m playing and give some tips on them. The posts are categorized according to game or topic, see the top right of the page.

I look forward to hearing from you! Read the posts, write comments, give me tips you like to share with others and so on.

/the 360 player

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