January 31, 2008

FM2: Making fast money

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When competing in the career mode, you often need more money to buy cars and upgrades to be able to compete in new races. I’ve found a little trick to make a lot of money with little effort. I wouldn’t call it cheating, it’s more taking advantage of the rules…

You need to find a race that takes place on the Nissa Speedway and pays quite good, at least like 10.000 cr. When you have found that race you need to check your opponents cars, you need a car that has a higher top speed, the Nissan Speedway is all about top speed.

When you have run the race one or two times and feel comfortable with it, you change the difficulty. Turn off all help systems and change the AI to hard (if you’re not already using it) and all settings to simulation. This will grant you a nice bonus when finishing the race. If you have the fastest car you shouldn’t have any trouble winning the race, just be careful at the last turn, it’s easy to hit the outside wall.

When you finished this race 5-6 times you can surly afford a nice new car or U999′ing your current one.

Just to recap:

  • Select a Nissan Speedway race
  • Get the fastest car
  • Change all settings to most the difficult
  • Win the race
  • Cash cash cash!

FM2: Nissan Speedway

FM2: Breaking

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One of the most critical parts of driving is breaking. Beginners usually does the mistake of breaking and steering at the same time. When you start to increase the difficulty, turning of ABS, stability control etc., your car will be very unstable when breaking and turning at the same time. This is because you only have a certain amount of friction between the tires and road. If you break and turn the friction has to compensate both the deceleration and the turning force.

Instead of turning and breaking, you should break before entering a turn. In this way, 100% of the friction can be used for deceleration and the risk of spinning out will be quite smaller.

Remember that breaking has nothing to do with turning! Turning is something you do without breaking, and with mayby just some light acceleration.

  • Approaching turn
  • Apply breaks some distance before turn
  • Smoothly release the break and start turning
  • Close to the exit of the turn, smoothly apply throttle
  • When you exit you should be at full throttle!

Good luck with your turning, and drive safe!

My favourite game

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I’ve only been a 360-player for a couple of week now, and therefor I haven’t that much experience in different games. So far my favourite is Forza Motorsport 2. I’m completely hooked on this game, trying to expand my career and get faster cars!

I will try to write a couple of mini guides to the game in this blog. I have some small secrets and tips for you guys but you will just have to wait… :)

Forza Motorsport 2

January 30, 2008

My Xbox360-system

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My Xbox360-system consists of an old type Xbox (the one without HDMI) connected to a 26 inch Philips HD-ready LCD TV trough the component cables. I run it at 720p, because my TV doesn’t support 1080p and 1080i accualy looks worse then 720p on my screen. The rca sound connectors are hooked up to an analog connector on my Marantz SR4200 surround reciever (I havn’t gotten around to buy an optic cable yet…). I have a pair of Monitor Audio Bronze BR2 as front speakers and a pair of very old Samsung (believ it or not) as rear speakers.

I do like my system, it’s generly ok, but I have som whishes I’d like fullfilled for it to be perfect.

  •  A bigger TV! My 26 inches just is’nt enaugh, when I get the money, i’m buying a 42 inch Panasonic plasma.
  • Center speaker. Just two front speakers makes some of the ‘non-stereo-sound’ sound flat and unexciting.
  • Optic cable. It’s just my lazyness stoppning me from buying a cable :).

The list will be updated as I buy new stuff or find someting else to complain about!

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